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We’re supporting Paulsgrove Food Pantry

Over the last few weeks, Liquid Friday staff have started buying a few extra staples in with their food shop, to contribute to a newly established Food Pantry local to us in Paulsgrove, Portsmouth.  To match the generosity of our team members, the business is topping up donations with a further £100 of goods per month, the first of which were dropped off by Lewis, Beth and Dan this week.  Food Pantries provide the opportunity for anyone to join and access a weekly shop for as little as £4-5, saving on average around £800 per year. They operate like a small corner shop with a greater range of produce than food banks might offer. They are run by volunteers and the money paid by Food Pantry users for their weekly shop is used to contribute towards pantry supplies. Other food is donated by a wide variety of groups. Food Pantries also provide a warm and inclusive space where people can go to access other support. Lewis Gosling, Liquid Friday’s Head of Payroll who is also a Portsmouth City Councillor, explained: “Everybody should have access to quality food and pantries offer choice at a great price. They have proven to provide long-term solutions and it is fantastic for Liquid Friday to be able to support with items donated by staff along with items supplied by the company ready for the opening as well as committing to a regular donation throughout the year”.  The initiative has been funded and championed by MP for Portsmouth Penny Mordaunt, who spoke about it on Facebook, ahead of the opening of the Food Pantry at Paulsgrove Community Centre, and was also kind enough to give us a shout out!  For anyone who wants to personally contribute to the Food Pantry, or to similar projects in their local area, the following items are always welcome:
  • Tinned goods - soups, baked beans, spaghetti etc. 
  • Dry goods - pasta, porridge posts, breakfast cereal
  • Fruit juices
  • Toiletries - sanitary products for ladies, packs of toilet roll, toothpaste, men and women’s deodorant, shower gel, soap.
We’re proud to support such a great cause, especially one at the heart of our local community, at a time when rising inflation and the cost of living continue to bite households across the UK.