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We are now a JobsAware partner

Doing right by our contractors has always been our central focus at Liquid Friday, so we’re really pleased to announce that we are now official partners of JobsAware.

JobsAware is part of the SAFERjobs initiative and was set up to protect and advance workers’ rights and make the UK labour market safer.

They have pledged to do this by ensuring that UK workers and job seekers can access free help and advice, and by working with employers and recruitment businesses to prevent job scams and labour market abuse.

JobsAware also aims to get workers’ voices heard by government, to help inform labour market policy, and is supported by key government departments including the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Better umbrella company working

Specifically, JobsAware is working with the umbrella sector to help educate and protect contractors and drive out non-compliance, an endeavour we have been championing for over 10 years.

As a JobsAware partner we have committed to the following principles of good practice:

  • Demonstrating we are working proactively to protect contractor rights
  • Promoting JobsAware as a place to refer contractors who have concerns about their employment
  • Promoting JobsAware as place to refer contractors who need general employment help or advice
  • Engaging with the opportunity to engage with UK Government, through a Payment Intermediaries sub-committee, to discuss issues and opportunities in the sector.
  • Reporting abuse, such as contractor fraud, to JobsAware.

A huge step forward

Welcoming the partnership, Liquid Friday’s COO Joe Taffurelli was positive about the role of JobAware in protecting workers, particularly within the umbrella industry:

“Amid the past 6 months’ political turmoil, measures designed to protect UK workers, including the Employment Bill and Single Enforcement Body, do not appear to be a priority or on the cards anymore.

With no further progress towards government regulation of umbrella companies, JobsAware is a huge step forward in informing and protecting workers from non-compliant practices within our industry. We are delighted to partner with JobsAware and add our voice to the demand for better standards, regulation and enforcement within the umbrella sector.”

Click here to find out more about JobsAware, or to get free independent advice