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We are Key Facts Document ready!

You may remember at the end of 2018, the Government published the “Good Work Plan” in response to recommendations made in The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.

One of the measures announced was the introduction of a Key Facts Document for all agency workers at the point of registration, with the aim of increasing transparency for the worker, before they sign terms.

What is a Key Facts Document?

The Key Facts Document will be a requirement of all employment businesses for every worker from April 2020. It must include:

  • The type of contract the worker is employed under
  • The minimum rate they can expect
  • How they are to be paid
  • If they are to be paid through an intermediary company
  • Any deductions or fees that are to be taken
  • An estimate or an example of what this means for their take home pay

Ahead of the curve

At Liquid Friday we are proud to be ahead of the curve in supporting our agencies in their Key Facts Document obligations.

Hint - we will do it for you!

With Liquid Friday, the Key Facts Document is one less thing agencies have to worry about.

We have worked with the FCSA and BEIS to produce a concise Key Facts Document template which fully complies with the new rules.

This will be issued to the worker along with their welcome letter, when they register with Liquid Friday. Job done!

Click here for our Key Facts Document template