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UCATT’s Misguided Industrial Action on Umbrella Companies

construction industry Liquid Friday is concerned that recent developments with UCATT and their misguided campaign targeting the Umbrella industry is inflaming an already confused situation and has, on balance, the potential to mislead construction workers and construction companies. We echo calls from the FCSA for UCATT to sit down and speak with legitimate umbrella companies to work together to eradicate any unscrupulous employers within the construction industry. Liquid Friday agrees that any exploitation needs to be exposed and dealt with, however, UCATT have not attempted to engage with the FCSA or legitimate providers to highlight any umbrella that is not compliant. We believe that tarnishing an entire industry because of some unscrupulous providers is unfair and not a true representation of the Umbrella industry.

Positive Choice

Liquid Friday agrees with FCSA CEO Julie Kermode, who states, "Most of us in our sector know that umbrella employment is a positive choice for many contractors, it provides all statutory benefits of permanent employment whilst enabling the individual to fulfill a series of contract positions and have their affairs managed centrally. It is concerning that benefits of umbrella employment are constantly overlooked in some of the lobbying and media reports, and it is important that this balance is redressed so that the whole sector is not unfairly targeted."

Best Practice

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate Liquid Friday's opinions and the working practices that we have put in place to protect both workers and agencies;
  • Umbrella employment is a fantastic positive choice for many temporary workers who have previously been forcibly paid self employed and were not protected by any employment rights.
  • Liquid Friday holds itself to the industry's most stringent compliance standard, consistently investing in improving processes and ensuring both employees and contractors are well looked after.
  • We are passionate about being a great employer and always aim to deliver exceptional care for all employees and contractors engaged with Liquid Friday whilst on an assignment.
  • Protection of employment rights is at the heart of Liquid Friday.
Liquid Friday would like to encourage UCATT to engage with the FCSA and the Umbrella Industry before taking any further action regarding Umbrella Companies and the Construction Industry.

Encouraging Resolution

Planned strike action is a substantial escalation which, in Liquid Friday opinion, is not substantiated with any facts and UCATT has not yet explored working with the Umbrella Industry to resolve any concerns it may have. Liquid Friday will always put the needs of its contractors and employees first and would like to encourage a swift resolution. If you are affected or have any questions regarding UCATT or the Umbrella Industry please do not hesitate to contact me on