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Top 10 job hunting fears revealed

Do you view looking for a new job or contract as an exciting challenge or a stressful ordeal? If it’s the latter, you are certainly not alone. In a recent survey of 1200 professionals carried out by leading job site CV Library, 55% admitted that certain aspects of job hunting terrify them. The shadow of anxiety can clearly have an impact on success when searching for a new role. Nearly a third of those questioned in the survey said they wouldn’t even apply for a job that required them to face their fears, while one in ten have avoided going to an interview because they were too fearful. The research also showed an age gap between different generations. 61.4% of under 18’s and 62.5% of those aged 18-24 said job hunting scared them, while only 44.4% of those aged 44-64 admitted any fears about it.

Top 10 job hunting fears

Here are the areas of looking for work that cause the most anxiety among British professionals: #1 Being rejected for a role they want - 55.7% #2 Attending interviews - 42.4% #3 Having to do a test or task at interview 39.9% #4 Speaking to recruiters or potential employers on the phone - 34.8% #5 Having to include a video in their application - 34.1% #6 Video interviews - 33.7% #7 Writing a cover letter - 29.9% #8 Writing a CV - 25.9% #9 Having to take time off to attend interviews - 25.3% #10 Meeting new people - 13.3%

Face your fears and nail that job

Founder and MD of CV LIbrary, Lee Biggins, has the following advice: “Job hunting can certainly be nerve wracking, but you shouldn’t let any of your fears stop you from reaching your ideal role. It’s important that you combat these fears in order to progress in your career, so consider ways in which you can polish up your job hunting skills and make the process less harrowing. If you relate to any of these fears [above], remember that the more experience you get of job searching, interviews and job applications, the easier and less nerve wracking it will eventually get”.

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