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Scorchio! Top tips for staying cool at work

Anyone else melting yet? With much of the UK basking under a July heatwave, temperatures are set to soar even higher over the next week or so. All very well if you can sit in the garden with a G&T, not so much fun when you have to go to work! If you don't have air-con in your workplace, or you work from home, keeping cool and focused as the mercury rises can be a real challenge. Here’s our top tips for staying cool as a cucumber at work during summer's hottest days.

1. Keep curtains or blinds closed

It sounds obvious, but blocking the sun from entering a room will cool things down. Sunlight shining into your workspace all day, every day almost creates its own "greenhouse effect". So keep blinds and curtains drawn as much as possible to lower the temperature.

2. Try home-made air con

Many people who live in hot climates swear by this. Place a large bowl of ice in front of a regular desk fan and it will mimic the effect  of air conditioning by cooling the air as it passes over the ice, lowering the ambient temperature.

3. Turn off unnecessary electrical items

Electrical things radiate heat, so turn off any electrical items you aren't using, such as lights or monitors. Not only will this cool things down but you'll reduce your business or home electricity bill!

4. Cool your pulse points

Dab cold water or hold an ice cube on your pulse points  - wrists, neck or behind your knees. This will lower your body temperature and bring instant relief from the heat.

5. Work flexibly

If you have the luxury of being able to work flexible hours (check the terms of your contract or assignment if you’re not sure), try working early in the morning or later on in the day. The Spanish don't take a siesta for no reason! Stay cool, stay safe and make the most of the good weather during your downtime - it’s the UK after all, so the sunshine won’t hang around for long!