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IR35 agency handbook – available now!

Rewind to last year's Autumn Budget, and then-Chancellor Philip Hammond tabled the extension of the IR35 off-payroll working rules to the private sector from April 2020.

Since then, all manner of chaos has beset Westminster, as we all know!
Nevertheless, there is not much to suggest that the changes to IR35 won't go ahead as planned, given as HMRC view the reforms in the public sector as highly successful and a huge revenue draw for the treasury.

Read more about the draft legislation

Help for recruitment agencies

Over the last year, indeed since the 2017 introduction of off-payroll reforms in the public sector, we have been working closely with our agency partners and industry groups, to promote the understanding of the legislation and how best to prepare for the changes ahead.

We have created a handbook to for recruiters and their clients explaining the existing and upcoming legislation, the impact on flexible supply chains and how agencies can best manage the transition to full compliance post-April 2020.

IR35 agency handbook - what's covered?

This comprehensive guide is a complete walk-through of IR35, covering the following:

  • IR35 - the story so far
  • Caught or not caught by IR35?
  • Responsibilities, actions and liabilities
  • Impact on the supply chain
  • IR35 myths
  • Getting ready for April 2020
  • How Liquid Friday can help

For your FREE copy, just click the link below. We really hope you find it useful.

We welcome any questions or comments about the handbook, and we will be updating it as we get closer to April 2020, as more details on the legislation are clarified. Please email any feedback to