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Guides, glorious guides!

Surely one of the biggest challenges of working in contract recruitment is the need to keep track of what’s new - especially updates and trends that could impact your business, candidates and clients. Changes in legislation and guidance can be particularly difficult to keep up with, especially in recent years! As an FCSA accredited umbrella provider and employer of thousands of contractors, we simply can’t drop the ball when it comes to employment and tax, and we’re highly invested in staying fluent in all aspects of temporary workforce compliance - so it’s only right that we share that knowledge.

Knowledge at your fingertips

We’ve put together a series of guides on key areas of legislation and other topics of interest, including:
  • NIC changes
  • EU Right to Work Checks
  • IR35
  • Criminal Finances Act
  • Onshore Intermediaries
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. Crucially, they are written specifically for recruitment agencies, so there’s no need to wade through countless pages before you get to the bits that matter.  All guides are free to download (and you don’t have to give us your shoe size and favourite colour to access them!) If you want to brush up your own knowledge in certain areas, or have new team members who might benefit from a training point of view, just head on over to the Liquid Friday Knowledge Hub.