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Government Assigns Ambassador For UK Contractors

housesofparliament                           The government has appointed a minister to act as the first ever 'tsar' for contract workers and the self-employed, Contractor UK reports. After the contracting body IPSE called for the government to assign someone to represent them in Whitehall, it seems that their requests have been listened to. David Morris, Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, will take on the new role. It is said that Morris - himself having previous experience of owning a chain of hair salons, before going into politics - will 'bang the drum' for workers of this kind:
"As a self-employed businessman myself for nearly 30 years before I came into Parliament, I know only too well how the government's policy effects those who are self-employed," the MP stated.
"I believe our self-employed and small businessmen are the lifeblood for the economic recovery and believe that stripping back the burden of red tape and taxation will allow freelancers to flourish." The IPSE has been calling for a minister to represent freelance and contract professionals for around five years, and are enthusiastic for what the appointment of Morris could mean - especially considering his history as a business owner himself. "The appointment of an ambassador for our sector shows that the government are ready to take action on the issues facing the millions of people working independently," it declared following the announcement. Furthermore, in response to the IPSE highlighting maternity pay issues for freelancers or the self-employed, minister for business Matthew Hancock has stated that the government is "looking at maternity pay and pensions. It's not like being in a big company where someone can cover for you."