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FCSA and Liquid Friday – BFFs for 6 years!

We are delighted to have successfully passed the FCSA annual assessment process for the 6th year running - if this was Facebook they’d make us a friendship video!

Joking aside, we take FCSA accreditation very seriously and we are completely invested in ensuring that our operations meet the standards set by the FCSA’s Codes of Compliance for both umbrella and CIS sevices.

FCSA Chief Executive Julia Kermode commented on the strength of our continued relationship:

“I am delighted that Liquid Friday has been accredited by FCSA for 6 years now. In that time we have seen an ever-increasing number of changes affecting the professional contracting sector, and FCSA has played a critical role in representing our members, and ultimately the interests of professional contractors, to Government and policymakers. By being a member of FCSA, Liquid Friday has been involved in our activities for over 6 years now, and they have helped drive our growth into the compliance accreditation of choice for contractors and recruitment businesses alike.”

About the FCSA

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association is the UK’s largest independent trade association for professional employment service providers, including umbrella companies, CIS contracting services and contractor accountants.

The FCSA has worked closely with it members and key stakeholders, including HMRC, BIS, REC and APSCo to create a dedicated compliance code for the sector. Members are independently reviewed and tested on an annual basis against the code, with the end results disclosed to HMRC - there’s no escape for bad practice!

Liquid Friday's annual review was carried out by Ernst and Young LLP and included an in depth audit to demonstrate the reality of our business activities and submission of supporting documents to HMRC.

We stand firmly behind the FCSA’s commitment to raising standards and acting as a united voice for the freelancer and contractor services industry.

View our accreditation here

Become an FCSA Supply Chain Partner

Agencies can now sign up to the FCSA Supply Chain Partner Charter - giving them a quality mark to show end hirers that they are committed to professional and ethical recruitment.

The initiative is also useful for agencies to meet the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and to be able to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to minimise their risk under the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

To become an FCSA Supply Chain Partner, agencies must implement a Preferred Suppliers List (PSL) made up of only FCSA members.

The added benefit is that it removes the complexity, time and cost of auditing and due-diligence - it’s effectively a compliant PSL on a plate.

Find out more about becoming an FCSA Supply Chain Partner