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Covid-19: A shout out to those working in construction

Last week, Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) hailed the “critical efforts” of those working in construction during this time of national crisis.

In an open letter to the UK construction industry, Mr Sharma paid tribute to those working “tirelessly” delivering on large or small construction sites across the country.

Mr Sharma said: 

“Our country and our economy needs all our support. And the construction industry has answered the call to action.

“Whether by building temporary hospital wards, installing complex and life-saving oxygen systems, constructing the infrastructure that society needs to function or ensuring that people have safe and healthy homes to live in, you are delivering for our Nation through this difficult time.

“My heartfelt and personal thanks for everything that each and every one of you is doing to support our joint national effort.”

Updated Site Operating Procedures

Despite the government advising people to work from home where possible, Sharma recognised that many in the construction sector are unable to. He confirmed that workers can continue to travel to site and this is consistent with the Chief Medical Officer’s advice.

In order to safeguard construction workers during the coronavirus outbreak, the Construction Leadership Council has issued new Site Operative Procedures (SOP), which align with the latest guidance from Public Health England.

Click here to download the latest Site Operative Procedures.

Thank you from us

Liquid Friday echoes the recognition paid to construction contractors who are continuing to work through this crisis - from all of us, thank you.

If your site has been shut down, or your contract has been terminated because of Covid-19, please find information below on the government financial support which may be available to you.

Help for employees (including umbrella workers)
Help for the self-employed