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Contracting Industry Makes Immediate Demands From New Government

housesofparliament The contracting sector was quick to set out its demands for David Cameron's government following its success at this month's general election, Contractor UK reports. Just 48 hours after the Conservatives gained a majority rule, four of the biggest organisations in the industry submitted their proposals. They included contractor trade groups the FCSA and IPSE, and two staffing bodies: the REC and APSCo. The demands include new ministerial posts, an improved immigration policy based on skills and a conciliation service for contractors who do not get paid for their work. Commenting on the majority Tory government, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) stated that: "A majority government brings stability and certainty that is good for business."
"We hope the self-employed people's Ambassador's role can grow into a ministerial role and a new business conciliation service would help address some of the issues stemming from late payments."
Amidst concerns over a potential EU referendum and how this will create a feeling of uncertainty within the sector, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) set out the need to urge the government to "adopt a sensible and balanced approach to immigration, so that UK businesses can hire the talent and skills they need to succeed." Meanwhile, the FCSA expressed its view that the Conservatives had a better understanding of the industry than any other party; however, it seemed to be "penalising the contracting community" with the T&S legislation, which would remove tax relief for travel and subsistence (T&S) expenses. This concern was shared by the APSCo, who is pushing for a new regulatory framework that distinguishes highly paid contractors from those who are independent and perhaps more "vulnerable." In addition to this, they wish to see the appointment of a "junior minister with a specific remit over flexible staffing."