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#BuildingEquality represents construction industry with Pride!

This weekend more than 260 people from 23 construction UK firms will represent #BuildingEquality by marching at Pride in London. Their goal is to increase awareness of LGBT workers in the construction industry. #BuildingEquality focuses on driving change throughout the construction sector and the wider supply chain, to encourage a fully inclusive industry.

Working towards diversity

The members of #BuildingEquality are working towards inclusion and diversity in the UK construction industry, but research carried out by Construction News has shown that there is quite a way to go in achieving this. The publication recently surveyed 1,045 people in the construction industry and found that over half (56%) of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender respondents are uncomfortable being open about their sexuality or gender at work, while almost a third (28%) have had an offensive or inappropriate comment made towards their gender or sexuality in their workplace over the last year.

Change from the top

Jo Hennessey,Chair of #BuildingEquality, commented: “It’s fantastic that this year we have more senior leaders than ever before taking part in the parade, showing that it’s no longer down to employee networks alone. We’re beginning to see LGBT inclusion not only supported but in some cases driven from the top.” Steven Woodward, Chair of the LGBT and Allies community at construction firm Kier stressed the importance of Pride in driving diversity and change within construction. He said: “Pride means a great deal to our Kier LGBT community and we are immensely proud to be supporting them at London Pride. Pride matters because it gives the industry the opportunity to drive diversity and inclusion alongside our construction partners at #BuildingEquality. Only when we come together as an industry can we promote true change and improve the working lives of all of our employees, LGBT and non LGBT alike.” The team at Liquid Friday wishes those representing #BuildingEquality a great day at Pride. We’ll be looking out for the rainbow JCB!