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APSCo survey shows recruiters are confident of growth

APSCo Data from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, APSCo, has indicated that professional recruitment leaders remain assured that their businesses will grow over the next year. Such was the conclusion of a survey carried out as part of APSCo’s Growing Together campaign, an initiative to support growth and drive success across the professional recruitment sector over the next 12 months.

Key findings of the APSCo survey

The survey was commissioned to help APSCo understand the issues and barriers associated with growth in the recruitment sector in 2017. Here are some of the most insightful findings:
  • While 30% of respondents believe that Brexit will have an impact on financial performance, 85% believe growth is on the cards.
  • 50% predict fewer permanent vacancies as clients “wait and see” over Brexit.
  • 44% anticipate an increase in contract assignments.
  • 98% said that talent, and “finding the right people”, is key to growth.
  • 57% cited the need to upskill their workforce as the main barrier to growth.
  • 40% of respondents are planning to review their business strategy in response to Britain exiting the EU.

Brexit is the word

Predictably, it was clear from the survey data that Britain’s leaving the EU is at the top of recruiters’ minds. Accordingly to APSCo’s Chief Executive Ann Swain: “It is unsurprising that the impact of Brexit is being felt by the professional recruitment sector. However, it is encouraging that business leaders are pre-empting possible consequences so that they can flex and adapt in response.” She continued, “We may well see a drop in permanent vacancies, and a subsequent uptick in contract roles, but professional recruiters are nothing if not resilient and the most successful businesses continually respond to market demand.”

Proud to be an APSCo affiliate

  The Association of Professional Staffing Companies is a trade body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK Professional Staffing industry. Through recognising, supporting and promoting excellence within the Professional Recruitment market, APSCo provides client organisations, candidates and government with a recognised stamp of quality assurance. Liquid Friday is proud to be an APSCo affiliate, working with APSCo members to provide compliant efficient payment services to help them meet their needs and concentrate on growing their business.   See our other accreditations and awards