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10 handy smartphone apps for contractors

Most of us these days are guilty of being surgically attached to our smartphones, with 84% people surveyed in a recent poll saying they couldn’t even go one day without their mobile. (Fact - nomophobia is the fear of being without your smartphone!) Having unlimited information and a load of useful tools at your fingertips is now integral to daily life, helping with everything from productivity to social networking.

10 must-have smartphone apps for UK contractors:

1. Airbnb Perfect if you are always on the go, travelling to client sites and having to stay away from home, especially at short notice. Airbnb lets you browse a wide range of properties, check availability and book online. 2. Skyscanner Another great app for contractors who have to travel a lot for work. This simple, easy to use app lets you book flights, hotel and car hire all in one place. 3. Slack Perfect for contractors who work in large teams, especially remotely. Slack is a private messaging app that lets you share notes, images, links and documents. It’s also highly customisable. 4. Accuweather The weather can scupper your working plans, particularly if you are a construction contractor or you have to travel a lot between jobs. Accuweather helps you plan ahead with detailed, accurate forecasts. 5. Any.Do A nifty productivity app for creating and managing to-do lists. It has an integrated calendar for scheduling tasks and setting reminders to help you stay organised. 6. Kindle The Kindle app lets you download and read e-books on your smartphone. If you have a Kindle device, you can access your personal library from your phone - ideal if you have a long commute. 7. Strava Staying healthy means you don’t lose out on work through illness. This great health and fitness app lets you track your activities, like running and cycling, set fitness goals and monitor your progress. 8. Buffer Social networking can be an essential part of finding work as a contractor. Buffer is one of the best social media management apps on the market, letting you post on multiple social media platforms in one place. 9. VSCO Cam A must-have photo-editing app which allows users to easily edit photos, add filters and adjust clarity, exposure and contrast. Ideal for contractors who need to capture their work-in-progress or finished jobs. 10. Bored Panda 116 million users can’t be wrong! As a busy contractor you won’t have much time to spare, but if you ever have a moment of down time, Bored Panda publishes all sorts of viral stories to keep you entertained.

Got an app you love?

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